Team Bios


Hey! I’m Melissa! I’m a small business owner, wife, and mom to three amazing kids, and two fantastic dogs. I first became interested in the paranormal when I was around seven years old. It was then that an older child told me the story of Bloody Mary, and that was it, I wanted to hear more stories and learn more about all of the amazing and spooky things out there! In my teen years I began to study more seriously, I read everything that I could for the next twelve years and then in 2006 I found the CAPI website. I contributed to the website for some time and then came on as a moderator. In 2013 I attended my first investigation and fell in love with the process. I continued as an investigator and director until 2017 when I took the leadership role of the team.  I consider myself to be an open minded skeptic, I am constantly doing research and learning about as much of the paranormal world as I can.


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Hi I’m Rob, a LPN for 24 years, ex-military and a investigator for CAPI. I’ve been investigating paranormal since 2008. Back then it was a good friend of mine Trevor and myself started West Paranormal Research. But before this my mind was turned on to the possibilities of something out there when I saw a dancing entity in Rottweil, Germany during a cool autumn night 1990. While with NATO and doing what is called a Fire Picket. I walked along the sleeping Canadian tent lines checking in on other soldiers and equipment during my 4AM check. Then as I walked over a small hill I saw someone dancing expertly under a bright light. When you see someone under a bright light they appear as a shape because of the light, no obvious markings to identify him but in a uniform no hat/baret. I watched as this soldier was going down on one knee and kicking the other leg out then standing up with arms extended out to his sides. As he did this perfectly he noticed me as I watched him. He slowly brought his arms down looking what I think was my direction. As I walked over the hill towards him I looked down at the rocks thinking, “Great a drunk to take care of.” But was gone as soon as I looked up where he was… I checked the line nothing, meet up with the other soldier on fire picket with me. We checked everywhere and made an official report to my superior in the morning. Nothing came of it… This is just one of my many years investigating and witnessing paranormal for myself with my own eyes and ears. It’s everywhere, it doesn’t happen just because I or you are there… it always happens.


I’m one of the newest CAPI members. I come from beautiful and haunted Victoria on Vancouver Island. I’ve been interested in the paranormal and other mysteries for as long as I can remember. I have had many of my own experiences that have confirmed my belief in the spirit world and peaked my interests in doing research and learning as much as I can about life after death. I am a nurse by profession and have had the opportunity through this career to experience many of the great mysteries of life and death which have only made me want to find more answers and help more people alive, or dead.

My name is Matt Sloane I’m from Calgary. I’m 37 now and  I have been interested in paranormal,UFO and all other mystery’s of the world since I discovered my school library. I joined CAPI do start investigating
In hopes of finding actual evidence of the paranormal.