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12 Dec 2015 - Lights

So I ordered some of these. I am hoping these will be handy.,45802,40731&p=69468

15 Nov 2015 - Wrist Light.

  I'm dorkin hard on this one! I thought I was done collecting flashlights but I'm reconsidering it. As you know I have a LOT of gadgets. Far too many to carry (I do have a photographers vest but I'm currently too fat to fit in it.) so it's a constant struggle. I want to use 8 pieces at once all the time! I can never have enough gijjy-gadgets!  :borg:  I'm like a dork borg. A dorg ? A bork?

  Anyway, this little beauty might just help
  CAPI has maintained that there was no need to investigate at night or in the dark because there is no evidence that paranormal activity is linked to darkness. It makes sense that people are not only more open to the idea of "ghosts" at night because it's spooky but also because there is a lot less sensory input at night. The TV is off as well as computers, radios & lights, etc, etc. Perhaps it's time to revisit this assertion?

  There is a we

12 Nov 2015 - Edgar Cayce

I happen to believe in his prophecies. I have no explanation as to how he was able to accomplish his abilities, other than paranormal gift in his ability to receive messages and knowledge from sources beyond the scope of this dimension. What are your thoughts?

Who Was Edgar Cayce?
Twentieth Century Psychic and Medical Clairvoyant
Edgar Cayce
Receive Free Magazine 2011 
Edgar Cayce (pronounced Kay-Cee, 1877-1945) has been called the "sleeping prophet,&qu

07 Nov 2015 - Motion Sensor Light

  I bought a few of these.........

.....just to experiment with. Can an IR (I'm assuming it's IR) detect the movement of a "ghost"? I don't know but we'll give it a shot at our next training session.
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