Do Ghosts Hide?

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Littel Dady Cool:
  Places that are allegedly haunted will sometimes have allot of activity for a specific person or group but then for another group the following week nothing at all. It also has been claimed spirits are often found in low traffic areas, attic or basement. It could be that we find theses areas spooky & so we look here for spooky things. But could it be that spirits just want to be left alone sometimes?

  Just wondering once again if folklore says more about human nature than it does about hauntings? What do you think?

Hey, if I were a ghost and Yvette Fielding came to my house, I'd do absolutely nothing to prove I was there! I would be annoyed by people and cameras in my house, telling me to show myself for their ratings.  {^}

Good and thought provoking Colin. +1

Your question brings up what happens with us (and other groups) all the time - it's a hit-and-miss proposition. Clients tells us what is happening on a regular basis, but when we get there, there's a 80+ % chance that we will find absolutely nothing. Why? I am not sure the spirits always hide (although...). It may be more about perception.

As you state, many claim that activity only happens in dark, quiet areas. We have found that this is not true at all. However, the activity is easier to document when it is quiet because there are far fewer distractions...and things like EVP tend to be hard to hear even in absolute silence. Of course most "ghost hunters" are young, inexperienced and looking for the big thrill...and they easily freak themselves out over non-events (yet convince themselves it was real) which provides the thrill aspect and keeps them coming back for more (looking for Hollywood-type scares) which perpetuates the stories of "dude, that place is so haunted"...

So why do "ghosts seem to hide" when researchers show up? As I mentioned, it could be perception on the part of everyone involved. The researchers may come in (unintentionally) looking for something to be there and the client may be hyper-aware, yet both are completely distracted (the client by the presence of all these people asking questions and running through their home/place of business and the researchers looking for something, asking questions and running through the home/place of business). The energy (whatever it is composed of) is still there, but it could be overlooked because of all the stuff going on. Of course it could be much simpler...all the energy generated by everyone is either interfering with the normal flow in the location or is being stored up for later dispersion.

No matter how low-profile we attempt to be going into a place, it still is a disruption of normal activity. This is why we ask clients to document what is happening and when it is happening. From their notes, we can determine if there is a pattern that we can jump into for an investigation and have a better chance of collecting solid data. We also try to stay a couple of hours to allow the energy to settle down, become used to us...and we try to make multiple visits to the location, again so whatever energy is present will begin to present itself under more "normal" circumstances (this is more effective in a home than a business...the normal energy flow in a business is constantly disrupted, which presents itself readily when researchers show up to document it).

Then there is the other part of your observation Colin...why can one group go into a place, find a shitload of activity, then the next group gets nothing? Maybe it's a simple as intent. The first group in our example goes in and is genuinely trying to figure out what the client is dealing with, while the second group goes in with a much more arrogant attitude, "knowing" what is going on. Don't think this happens? More than you think. But it is not usually the whole is one member of the group that has this attitude/intent...and that can throw an investigation off. It has happened to CAPI (although not for years...I have built a good, quality're all fired...).

Finally, "do spirits want to be left alone sometimes"? Possibly. However, the prevailing theory is that the spirit is "haunting you" because it is trying to communicate in some way...trying to get your attention as it were. So why would it "hide" when researchers show up? Maybe, because of whatever inter-dimensional barrier is present, the spirit is misinterpreting the visit...thinking that these people are here to "get rid of me" (which some groups do...and, in my opinion, I believe this is beyond the scope of genuine, scientific research, verging instead on Sylvia Browne-type shysterism). Or the spirit is just unfamiliar with these new people and is waiting to see who they are and what they are doing, which can take lots of time to us, but maybe just a few minutes for the spirit (many people do not experience anything in their "new" home for a few weeks or a couple of months, then BAM!). Of course it might not be anything spiritual at could be random energy from anywhere inside or outside the location...and thus, it does not present itself because of the above mentioned energy disruptions.

All this begs another can you tell if it is spiritual energy or 'other' energy? In my experience, each type of energy shows itself in different ways. For spiritual energy, I get an image sometimes or a certain kind of body tingle or feel a presence...non-tangible I know, but 'spidey-sense' is part of paranormal research, and when used with proper training, can lead to solid data collection...I know, for example, that many orb photos I have taken are spirits because I have seen them (in my mind) right in front of me and taken a picture of them. Non-spiritual energy is completely different but can present in very similar ways at times...which is where knowing yourself comes in handy so you can begin to determine the difference (even after years of understanding the difference, I still get it wrong about 30% of the time).

So I have changed my mind Colin...instead of +1, I'm giving you a +10 for making me think about this and writing my thoughts here.

And Petra, you're right...I wouldn't want to be around for Yvette either...

You know how a spirit or a shadow usually leaves the room once it realizes that you've noticed it and you end up chasing it around the house? I think that's pretty good proof that yes, paranormal creatures hide. They more than likely aren't committing a haunting because they want to be on T.V. all "Hey Mom!" style. They're here for their own reasons. Cliche reasons. Like they've got unfinished business or maybe they're attached to a house/person/object. I don't really think they're attached to having their space encroached upon. "I REFUSE to go toward the light. I am TOO addicted to having someone sneak down into my basement in the middle of the night and start flashing lights at me and whispering!" ....Not so likely. These Earth-tied people, unless they were super-models or ADHD attention-hogs in life, want their privacy as much as we all do. How would you feel if someone came into your cubicle at work and started documenting your every move? I would probably shoot staples at them. I think ghosts 'hide' for these basic three reasons:
      1) You're a stranger. In most cases at least, the ghost has never seen or talked to you before. They aren't used to seeing you around their space. They aren't used to having a team with a ton of tech gear lurking around.
      2) You're a threat. They're protecting or watching over and objest or person or maybe looking after a home or room they enjoyed in life. They are most likely aware that you might want them to leave that precious possession of theirs. A lot of times, the spirit, unless aggressive, will try for a sort of co-existance with the house's occupants. Anyone who isn't already part of this agreement would be seen as a threat. If they hide in a closet or attic, you won't find them and you won't tell them to leave.
      3) They're confused. The soul in question most likely isn't freshly dead. They could have lived years, decades, maybe centuries ago. When you ask to take their picture, do they know what you're talking about? Your flashlights, walkie-talkies, and (excluding Tom) modern clothes, are unfamiliar to them. Sould do not seem to have much of a sense for how much time has passed. They could think they died only 6 years ago, though really 60 years have passed. Things are unfamiliar, everyone are strangers. Sometimes the house they occupy has been added onto, walled up, or renovated and they're stuck in a time before the changes were made. This sometimes explains ghosts who walk through walls or look like they're going up stairs when there are none. These are usually residual hauntings, but sometimes you'll meet a soul who can't for the life of them find the walled-up door to their old room. When things like this happen to a ghost, they become kind of jaded in that they forget why they're still there and have maybe lost sight of how to pass on. Sometimes the spirit is only there because it doesn't know what else to do. In this case, they stay away from all the strange, frightening people, trying to figure out what to do.
      Spirits run and hide for the same reasons we would if we were in their place...except for the dead part. If the CAPI team came in your house and asked if they could take pictures of you, I think you'd turn agoraphobic. No wonder they stick to low-traffic areas like basements and closets. It's also important to note that some spirits dislike certain types of people. A little girl ghost might hide if a team of men entered her space, though she might manifest for a woman. In order to help a spirit feel comfortable enough to stay so we can document it, it's important for us to be considerate and keep our energies to ourselves. Treating the ghost like a human being and not a lab rat also helps.

Excellent burn! Nicely hidden too! +1

Your answer is assuming a spiritual entity. When all other explanations are accounted for, and the only thing left is something spiritual, then your answer helps explain quite a few things...especially the walking through walls or up phantom stairs bits. Unfortunately, we can only speculate what a spirit thinks/feels. We can only draw on our own experiences and how we imagine we would react to circumstances, then assign those ideas to a spiritual entity. It is very possible that the spirit does exactly what we expect. We will never know in this corporeal shell and can never tell anyone after we have shed until we can find out for sure by solid two-way communication with "the other side"/other dimensional planes/whatever the hell is after this part of life, it's all guesswork...some of it good, lots of it bad.


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